How to request an authorisation or approve a request for an HDEC application on the Online Forms website.

You can ask someone to be associated with your application in a specific capacity (for example, as a locality, a sponsor or a co-investigator).

Before they can take on that role, the person must give their approval to be involved – that is, grant their ‘authorisation’ – using the Online Forms website(external link).

Read about requesting or granting an authorisation in Section 11. Request or grant authorisations in the Online Forms User Manual [PDF, 4.9 MB].

Using Online Forms for an authorisation

Follow these steps to request or grant an authorisation using the Online Forms website, including if you’re authorising your own study.

1. Identify the type of authorisation you require for your application

Authorisation type Single/multiple Mandatory prior to submission?
Table 1
Coordinating investigator (CI) single Yes (unless ‘yes’ at a.3.1)
Other investigator multiple  
Primary contact person single  
Sponsor multiple multiple  
Third party performing sponsor’s duties or functions in New Zealand single Yes (if ‘yes’ at a.5.3)
Locality multiple No
Other multiple No

2. Organise the authorisation before you submit your application (if required)

When you can submit the authorisation after the application has gone to the HDEC for review

A locality authorisation and HDEC approval can be obtained in any order.

HDEC review (which looks at the ethics of the study as a whole) and locality review (which addresses local research governance issues) are separate processes.

You must still get locality authorisation before your study commences at a locality. This is a standard condition of HDEC approval. Conducting a study at a locality that has not authorised it is a breach of HDEC approval.

3. Set up an Online Forms account for the person granting authorisation

Information in an application cannot change after it has been authorised

Any change to an application invalidates existing authorisations. 

For this reason, authorisations should be obtained from other Online Forms users only after all necessary sections in the form have been completed and all supporting documents have been uploaded.

Access for Online Forms users authorising applications

Online Forms users have permanent, read-only access to any applications they authorise. This includes any amendments, progress reports and other ‘post-approval items’ submitted through Online Forms.

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