Research applications to HDEC

Please note that the final HDEC meeting for 2017 is Northern B HDEC scheduled for the 19th Of December. The agenda for this meeting is full.

Two extra HDEC meetings have been scheduled for January 2018: Central HDEC on Tuesday 23 January and Southern HDEC on Thursday 1 February.

Applications received and validated by the Secretariat will be assigned on a first serve basis.

Please ensure applications are complete and all required documents are uploaded in Online Forms to assist with effective and timely validation processes.

Application volumes are high at this time of year and you may not get the first ethics review meeting of the year due to application spillover from 2017.

How do I apply for HDEC review?

All applications to HDECs must be submitted through the Online Forms website. This site allows you to answer questions in the HDEC application form, upload documents, request electronic signatures from other parties involved in your research, and track the progress of your application. For more information, check the section HDEC review and approvals:

HDEC Chairperson Update

Student Research

The HDEC Chairs would like to advise all applicants who have supervisors that HDEC strongly recommends supervisors attend and support their students both through the completion of an HDEC application as well as when attending full committee meetings. Student led research is important in terms of new researchers gaining valuable experience however conversely they must be well supported due to their lack of experience.


It is also advisable for student research to have the tertiary institution be noted as a Sponsor of the programme of study. Students are encouraged to approach their Head of Department to discuss this. In the case of funded research it may be appropriate to discuss the matter of sponsorship with the Institutional Research Office.

Latest news & updates

21 Nov 2017: Closing dates over Christmas and New Years 2017/18

31 Oct 2017: Please note – location change

The Southern Health and Disability Ethics Committee Meeting for 14 November 2017 will now be at The Hunter Centre, Room 120, Ground Floor, 279 Great King Street, Dunedin (opp Dunedin Hospital) not at the Sudima Hotel in Christchurch.

18 May 2017

Major research funders and international NGOs to implement WHO standards on reporting clinical trial results.