What web browsers are okay to use with ETHICS RM?
  • Chrome and Firefox are supported browsers for ETHICS RM.
  • Issues have been reported when using Internet Explorer or Safari with ETHICS RM.
Is there a manual for ETHICS RM?
My Post Approval Submission/Application in ETHICS RM says it has been Approved/Declined/Provisionally Approved but I cannot see my letter?
  • You can find valid and decision letters in the 'History' tab. Clicking 'Download' will download a PDF copy of the letter.
  • It is important to note that in ETHICS RM, letters are no longer documents uploaded like they were in our former system, Online Forms. This is not something we can do in ETHICS RM.
I accidentally put the wrong version/date on a document. Can I change the version/date of the document after I have submitted it?
  • You will need to contact the HDECs Secretariat immediately (either through hdecs@health.govt.nz or via the ETHICS RM ‘Correspondence’ tab for the study) and advise us of your mistake. This can only be updated prior to a letter being sent.
  • Please note that we will not be able to update any letter sent before this notification.
The HDEC letter has the wrong version number/date. Can you amend this and resend the letter?
  • As the list of documents submitted in the letter has always been automatically generated based on what you have submitted, we are no longer editing these in ETHICS RM. However, if a letter is incorrect because of either an ETHICS RM error or an HDEC error, we are able to amend those.
Can I change the title of my study?
  • Unfortunately, a title is unable to be changed in ETHICS RM once it has been created.
How do I transfer ownership of a project?

In your ‘Work Area’ in ETHICS RM, click the ‘Transfer’ button on the left of your screen. Enter the email of the person who you are transferring this to, tick the project you wish to transfer and click Transfer.

  • This can only be performed by the current project owner.
  • Please ensure that you use the email that the person has an account created under.
How do I duplicate a form to re-submit a previously declined study?
  • In your ‘Work Area’ in ETHICS RM, click the ‘Duplicate Project’ button on the left of your screen. Select the project you wish to duplicate, enter a new title (no project in ETHICS RM can have the same title – please feel free to add ‘(duplicate)’ to the front of the title if you wish to keep the original title content), and click ‘Duplicate’.
What happened to the old references used before ETHICS RM?
  • The format for references used prior to our transition to ETHICS RM is no longer available to us and is currently not something we can change. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause as some studies may not have clear submission references as previously used.
How do I add evidence of locality approval to my application?
  • For NEW studies that have not been submitted this can be done near the end of the main application form.
  • For EXISTING studies, you can add locality approval to your submission by using the ‘Create Sub Form’ option on the left-hand menu. Please ensure you use the ‘Roles’ button on the existing study (and not the locality form) to give read access to the locality. If this step is not completed the locality will not be able to review the application.
  • The locality authorisation form is not reviewed by the HDECs but is kept on record in the system as evidence the study has been authorised by that locality.
The ‘Submit’ button is not showing up for me in my Post Approval Form, how can I submit?
  • Check the ‘Collaborators’ tab and ensure that you have full permissions to submit forms. If the project owner has enabled you for limited access only (e.g. you can view or edit the form but not submit it) they will need to revise your permissions using the ‘Roles’ button to grant full access or submit the form themselves.
  • If you have permission to submit, you may need to check if the form needs to be updated first. You will be prompted to do so if this is the case with a red banner stating this.
What does it mean if it says my ‘form is obsolete and cannot be submitted’?
  • The system will display this message for applications that were migrated from the old Online Forms website. This only refers to the migrated form itself – not the application as a whole.
  • Post-approval forms can still be created by selecting the ‘Create Sub Form’ action and will attach to the migrated application.
I have been asked to update the form before I have submitted it, will this remove anything I have put in so far?
  • When a new version of the form is published the system will prompt you to update it. All data entered on the form will be preserved unless the question itself has been replaced. The update notes will list any significant changes.
  • You can check if your answers have been removed by clicking ‘Check for Completeness’.
I have a study that was submitted before ETHICS RM was introduced and I need to find evidence that the study was authorised. Where can I find this?
  • You can find this by checking the metadata of the MDF form by clicking the ‘Navigation’ tab, then ‘Authorisation Report’.

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