Please see our general FAQ, ETHICS RM user's manual and other guidance on our website first to see if your query can be answered.

Please provide your ethics reference when contacting us if applicable:

Email (general queries):

Email (ETHICS RM technical queries):

Please note it is inappropriate to contact committee members directly regarding HDEC matters.

Requesting videocall from Advisor:
These callbacks will be reserved for queries that require the advisor’s attention, with the applicant not believing it can be resolved via email, such as:

  • complicated scope of review queries
  • substantial changes to existing approval that requires clarification
  • discussion of changes requested by the Committee that requires clarification

To request one, please outline what you would like to discuss in an email to  An advisor may be able to resolve your query within the email, or otherwise will respond to discuss a time that suits to send a Zoom or Microsoft Teams invite to you. 

Complaints or concerns:
If you would like to make a complaint or have concerns, the Secretariat can be reached either via email above, or a callback can be requested via the Ministry of Health call centre on 0800 400 569

Postal address:
Ministry of Health
Health and Disability Ethics Committees
PO Box 5013
Wellington 6140

Street address:
133 Molesworth Street
Wellington 6011

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