The expedited review pathway is outlined in chapter 6 of the SOPs for HDECs(external link).

Applications that are valid for review under the expedited pathway are validated within two working days of submission. If this, for whatever reason, has not occured, the clock start will be backadated to then.

What to expect from HDEC epedited review

The Health and Disability Ethics Committee (the Committee) that your application has been assigned to has 15 days to review your submission. The Chair and a non-lay co-reviewer will review these applications, though may bring in other members with relevant expertise to comment if the Chair sees fit. The Secretariat monitor these applications under review for when all reviewers have provided their comments and decision.

As these meetings are conducted online in the reviewers own time, there is no attending the review of these. If the Committee have any further questions, you will be contacted by the Secretariat.

A letter summarising the points discussed and decision made will be available in Ethics RM following a decision being reached by the Chair and co-reviewer. The Secretariat aims to have these completed as soon as possible, typically within 2 working days of the decision being completed.

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