If your study requires Health and Disability Ethics Committees (HDECs) review, please follow these steps to complete an online application.

Applying for HDEC review online

What you need to know:

What you need to do:

1. Follow the instructions in the manual

The ETHICS RM manual has step-by-step instructions on creating an account, creating a project and submitting an application. 

2. Set up an account on the ETHICS RM website

Your application must be submitted through ETHICS RM(external link). Once you have set up your secure, online account you can:

  • answer questions in an online form
  • upload supporting document
  • request and submit electronic signatures from other parties involved in your research
  • track the progress of your application.

3. Check the documentation you need to submit

Check the list of documents required for all applications as well as any additional documents for particular types of study. Refer to the HDECs guides, templates, and forms(external link) to help you complete your application.

Documentation required

All applications must include:

  • a study protocol
  • evidence of appropriate scientific peer review. If the study involves a new medicine, such evidence is not mandatory as the Standing Committee on Therapeutic Trials (SCOTT) will address any issues of scientific validity, however, please include written confirmation that SCOTT review will be sought for the study. Read the guidance on submitting scientific peer review(external link).
  • a brief CV for the coordinating investigator (CI).
Additional documents required

Additional documents are required for the following studies.

Studies involving a new medicine:
  • An investigator’s brochure.
Studies involving participants:
  • Participant Information Sheet(s) and Consent Form(s) (PIS/CFs)
  • An assent form if participant is a child
  • Copies of any advertising that will be used to recruit participants
    • Read the guidance on recruitment and advertising materials
  • Read the guidance involving potentially vulnerable participants.
Studies involving surveys or questionnaires:
  • Copies of the surveys or questionnaires.
Commercially sponsored intervention studies:
  • Evidence of the insurance held by the study sponsor
  • The professional indemnity held by the CI.
Previously Declined applications:
  • A copy of the HDEC’s letter declining the application
  • A cover letter from the CI explaining how the new application addresses the reasons given by the HDEC for declining the previous application.

Forms and templates can be downloaded from our website at: Guides, templates and forms.(external link)

Help with completing your application

ETHICS RM manual

A user manual for ETHICS RM is available for use.

Further information and assistance
If you have any questions or require more information on completing an application, you can contact the HDECs Secretariat:

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