The HDEC website has gotten a refresh after review by the Secretariat. We are committed to ensuring the HDEC process is as accessible and up to date as possible, which means updates need to occur regularly to help researchers stay informed with the best-possible advice.

The following pages have been added:

  • New guidance surrounding protocol deviations (here).
  • An overview of expedited review and what to expect (here).

The following pages have also been updated:

A common general mistakes tip page will also accompany the participant information-specific page before the end of the year under Applicant resources and guides, as well as planned updates to the FAQ.

The HDEC templates are all under current review and it is planned that the HDEC templates will also be updated with corrections and additional content. A more in-depth overview and summary will be provided when these are available.

If you have any feedback at any time for the content of the website, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat via email.

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