Northern B HDEC meeting on 07 December 2021

The Secretariat have noted an error in the meeting schedule for 2021 for the Northern B HDEC meeting on 07 December.

To be more in line with the correct clock times, the agenda closing date for this meeting is 25 November. All applicants so far will be informed of this through ETHICS RM, and valid letters will not be sent until 25 November. Please note that the agenda for this meeting is now full.

Southern HDEC meeting on 14 December 2021

This is the final HDEC meeting of 2021. The agenda is currently half full as of 18 November.

It is usual for the HDECs to receive more applications than the meetings have capacity for at this time of year. All applicants who are not successful in making either Northern B or Southern’s agenda will be informed of this as soon as possible, and will be reviewed in the New Year.

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