Due to the precedent in the last few years of receiving a high number of submissions in the last few months of the year, and the expectation and trend that this is to occur again, the HDECs have stood up additional dates for HDEC meetings ahead of time.

These extra meetings will only go ahead if there are several applications sitting with the HDEC following the close of a scheduled agenda, and enough members for quorum. These meetings will not exceed 6 applications. Applicants will be notified if their application is assigned to one of these extra meetings via Ethics RM correspondence and in their valid letter. Applicants are not able to request these meetings specifically and are for managing overflow of capacity only. 

These extra meetings are the following dates, all starting 11am:

  • Friday 30 September (Agenda close 16th September) 
  • Thursday 13 October (Agenda close 30 September)
  • Friday 25 November (Agenda close 11 November)
  • Thursday 8 December (Agenda close 25 November)

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