The final full meeting of 2023

The agenda for the final HDEC (Southern) of the year has closed at 12pm today, with the Secretariat receiving a flurry of applications submitted up until the cut-off time today. 

The Secretariat would like to note that unfortunately a large portion of submissions will not be seen in the final meeting of 2023 due to capacity being reached early this morning. Any who were unsuccessful will be notified via Ethics RM this week and will be assigned to the next-available meeting in 2024. Those who were able to make it will receive the usual valid letter advising them of their timeslot. 

The advisors will continue to review the full applications on a weekly basis to ensure all applications received before the HDECs close business for the year are all valid, and researchers are not waiting until 2024 to be advised if there is anything missing from their application.

Due to the significant gap between this last agenda and the next one, any submitted today that did not make it onto the final agenda will not have their clock started until their assignment in 2024 to the next-available meeting for logistic purposes. A letter advising an applicant of their meeting and time will not be sent until the agenda close-date of that meeting, however applicants are free to message and ask what meeting they may be prospectively assigned to.

We advise those who may be after a particular meeting for the new year to look at the 2024 meeting schedule and respond to our advisors which meeting you may prefer, if any, otherwise will be assigned based on submission order.

We would like to thank researchers for their submissions and continued patience as we work through assessing these for validity and assignment.

Remainder of 2023 work

The HDECs will be busy working right up until the final day of 22nd December 2023. Due to the significant volume of submissions we receive during this time, it is likely that things submitted in the last few business days of operation will not be seen to or have a decision communicated before 2023. 

Any submissions in Ethics RM still under review come the 22nd of December will have their clocks paused end of business, and will have them resumed when we resume in 08 January 2024 as no reviews will take place during this time, nor will any assignment of submissions, decisions be communicated or queries responded to. 

We understand that there may be urgent queries around this time, and highly encourage researchers to think of what they require from us and to contact us sooner rather than later, as responding to queries on the last day may be more difficult to do so in a timely manner, depending on the complexity. 

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