The HDECs are operational again, and we hope you had a relaxing break over the quiet summer period.

Due to the busy work of researchers near the end of last year, the HDECs were greeted with almost 30 full applications waiting for us! The first two meetings of the year are prospectively full as of today with spillover going to the third.

Because of the significant gap between last year's final agenda and the next ones, any submitted in January will have their clock started until their assignment in 2024 to the next-available meeting for logistic purposes. A letter advising an applicant of their meeting and time will not be sent until the agenda close-date of that meeting, however applicants are free to message and ask what meeting they may be prospectively assigned to.

We advise those who may be after a particular meeting for the new year to look at the 2024 meeting schedule(external link) and respond to our advisors which meeting you may prefer, if any, otherwise will be assigned based on submission order.

As we resume business as usual, you can expect more updates in the coming months on what further things are being rolled out that are additional to the operational side of things, such as content updates and template update timeframes.

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