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Latest updates from the Health and Disability Ethics Committees.

Latest updates

15 June 2020
The National Ethical Standards for Health and Disability Research and Quality Improvement, produced by the National Ethics Advisory Committee is now available in HTML5 format. 
22 May 2020
Effective at the end of Friday 22 May, the HDECs will no longer be offering the expedited 5-day review pathway for COVID-19-related applications and post-approval forms.
17 May 2020
Usually, to resume a study after a temporary halt requires that an amendment is first submitted for review by the HDEC. For studies now seeking to resume after the government-mandated lockdown, this is not necessary as long as those studies will be resuming according to the previously approved protocol.
20 April 2020
As the Ethics Team is involved in the National COVID-19 Response, we are suspending the scope of review form service.
05 April 2020
The HDECs ask that all applications for research intended to start in the near future ensure that the research operates within the restrictions set by the Alert Level 4.
24 March 2020
The COVID-19 Emergency Response: Ethical Review Operating Procedures is now live to guide and assist in the ethical review of research specific to or affected by the COVID-19 response.
19 March 2020
The HDEC is drafting a COVID-19 Emergency Response: Ethical Review Operating Procedure (eSOP), to assist in the ethical review of research specific to or affected by the COVID-19 response.
11 March 2020
Early in 2020, the Ministry of Health Ethics team and NEAC hosted training days for researchers and users of the revised Standards. Training covered many new and important changes from the previous ethical Guidelines.
24 February 2020
The HDEC Secretariat is currently experiencing a high level of demand of service which will likely cause delays. 
31 January 2020
From December 19, 2019, all new HDEC applications, Provisional Approvals in progress and any HDEC Post Approval Forms will be assessed using these new standards. All current HDEC approvals remain valid.