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Latest updates from the Health and Disability Ethics Committees.

Latest updates

29 March 2021
Information for researchers planning studies and clinical trials in New Zealand that involve NSU screening programmes and/or screening pathways
24 February 2021
It has been just over a year since the revised National Ethical Standards for Health and Disability Research and Quality Improvement were published. The National Ethics Advisory Committee is interested to hear your valuable feedback about how you are finding working with the Standards, and any suggested amendments or improvements you have.
20 January 2021
These extra meetings can only hold a maximum of 6 applications each. Only the overflow of submissions made in 2020 will be assigned to one of these two extra meetings.
08 October 2020
Two new templates have now been created, for the management of tissue and data, and for studies only involving the management of data.
07 October 2020
The emergency operating procedures will no longer be live from midnight this Wednesday 7th October.
22 September 2020
A new version of Participant Information Sheet has been uploaded.
06 September 2020
HDEC's meeting schedule has been changed. Its last meeting will now take place on the 15 December and not 22 December. 
06 September 2020
Details of the last meeting for 2020 and the  HDEC Christmas close down.
24 August 2020
A standard condition of HDEC approval is all intervention trials must be registered on a clinical trial database prior to commencement.
17 August 2020
eSOP activation