The HDEC Secretariat will be phasing out the Ethics 0800 number over the next 30 days, with it becoming inactive as of 7 April 2023. We have conducted a review of the 0800 number queries and determined that most answers are available on our website, or are complex queries that would benefit from an email that can be followed by a scheduled meeting with an advisor.
The Secretariat can be contacted through two other methods; Ethics RM correspondence for following up on specific submissions, and the HDEC email for general inquiries (

The Secretariat also offer an Ethics RM-specific query inbox for technical-related issues (    
The HDEC website has a lot of relevant information and guidance, with more being added over time in response to common requests or queries. Please check this before emailing or setting up a meeting with us.

While we are removing the 0800 number, this does not mean that the Secretariat will be uncontactable by phone or video call. Instead, for those who would prefer to have a phone conversation to discuss through a complicated query, you can email to request a meeting with an advisor. These callbacks will be reserved for queries that require the advisor’s attention, and could not be resolved via email, such as: 

  • complicated scope of review queries
  • substantial changes to existing approval that requires clarification
  • discussion of changes requested by the Committee that requires clarification

More information on how to request these will be provided under Contact Us once the 0800 number has been removed.

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