Why are you doing the survey?

The survey is to gather data from the research sector about how they find the current system and what improvements they think could help the system run better. We are looking to the future of the research ethics system and where we should be heading in the next five to ten years.

Who is the survey for?

We’ll be sending the survey out to researchers and sponsors that have applied for ethics approval through the ERM system, Health and Disability Committee members, members of the HRC Ethics Committee, members of Institutional Ethics Committees (e.g University Committees) members of the National Ethics Advisory Committee and University Research Offices.

Will the survey be anonymous?

The data collected will be stored securely and only available to the Ethics team at Manatū Hauora for aggregation and analysis. Any report or summary of findings will present the data to ensure that it remains anonymous. 

What will be done with the results?

The survey data will be analysed and summarised to inform the programme and the next round of engagement.

Will the result be made public?

A summary of survey results will be made available on the ‘Future of Ethics Review’ webpage later this year.

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